Russian Deputy Prime Minister: Russian people want to support the Putin

The Russian economy has fallen into a structural crisis
The first deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation, Igor Schwarzov, warned at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, that Western countries should not attempt to overthrow Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian people So as to support Putin and sacrifice their own wealth. Over the past year, due to the Ukrainian issue of sanctions against Russia and the international crude oil prices "cut", the Russian economy into recession, ruble devaluation. Some people at home and abroad in Russia doubt that the Russian ordinary people for the Russian policy on the Ukrainian issue, especially the Crimea "out of Russia" to pay the price is too high? Schwalov defended Russia on the Davos forum. He said he doubted whether world leaders were able to break the current impasse in Ukraine and end the crisis as soon as possible. And if the West continues to order Russia "to stay in a corner, sit quietly", the Ukrainian crisis may last for decades. Schwarzov said at the same time that he believes that the attempt by the West to overthrow Putin would only make Russia more united. "When a Russian people feel any foreign pressure, he will never give up his leader.No we will withstand any hard times in the country, eat less, save electricity a little." With the Davos In this group discussion, the former Russian Finance Minister, Alexei Kutlin, who had long served as Putin's political ally, said that Putin clearly argued that Russia's diplomatic interests at this stage were worth the high inflation rate in Russia and the rupee exchange rate The price of falling. Recognizing Economic Difficulties Shuvalov said that Russia is currently facing economic problems, mainly because of the financial crisis in 2008 to forget the most serious lesson, but because of a new round of rising oil prices failed to promote the process of economic modernization. As early as the political crisis in Ukraine before the outbreak of the Russian economy has been caught in a structural crisis. Schwalov admitted that the Russian economic situation is extremely grim, may continue for some time, or even further deterioration. The Associated Press quoted him as saying that after the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, Russia took about two years to get rid of the impact, compared to Russia now "is entering a longer time crisis." He said Russia should focus on cushioning the recession through structural reforms, supporting the financial system, and moving faster, and reforms must start in three years. Russia's central bank to save the ruble and a large number of selling dollar reserves, the Russian foreign exchange reserves fell only 2% last week, reduced to 379 billion US dollars. (Hu Ruoyu) (Xinhua News Agency)

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