Trump: I wish Hillary as soon as possible rehabilitation will publish their own health report

Hillary and Trump both did not fully open their own health
US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton canceled the 12th trip to California to attend fundraising activities because she was suffering from pneumonia. Republican presidential candidate Trump once said Hillary's health was not enough when President. At a crucial moment about two months away from the US election, Hillary's health problems seem to be tilting the US election balance to each other. For the health of Hillary Clinton, Democrat National Committee Provisional Chairman Bragg 11, said in a statement, "very pleased to know that Hillary felt much better," and "wish her a speedy recovery, in the future campaign on the road to win " Trump also participated in the "9? 11" commemorative activities, he was very cautious about Hillary's illness. When asked about the health of Hillary Clinton, Trump said, "I hope she will return to health as soon as possible, I do not know what happened," he said, "look forward to September 26 (two party candidates) debate." Trump also announced that this week will announce their health status, and in their own Facebook account posted a picture of his big hamburger. "Hillary's performance in the '9-11' commemorative scene has turned the conspiracy theory about her physical condition into a real campaign." CNN said Hillary suddenly appeared to be weak at the crucial moment of deciding with Trump. This also exacerbated the question of the health of Hillary Clinton. Will this be a surprising turning point in this presidential election? Reported that Hillary's faltering video triggered speculation and lack of information on her physical condition induced a crisis. When her private doctor claimed that she was suffering from pneumonia, it increased the impression that people: Hillary's campaign lacks transparency. US NBC television questioned that if Hillary really infected with pneumonia and diagnosed two days ago, why hide the truth until the public problems? This is obviously trying to hide, but to strengthen the "Hillary health conspiracy theory" credibility. Reported that since Hillary's physical discomfort, why not hurry to the hospital, but have to go to her daughter's home, let the private doctor all the way to catch up? Why should journalists secret? The report also said that in 1992, Clinton had said that "the president's physical condition has the right to know", then if you want to become the future president of the United States, Hillary should accept the "public right to know the president's health truth" In fact, both Hillary and Trump did not fully publicize their health. Trump's private doctor said in an open letter that the health of the Republican presidential candidate was "so amazing" that it would be "one of the most healthy people ever elected to the president." But the doctor said after an interview with the media, he was in 5 minutes to write the letter, when the Trump team a car waiting outside the door. And Hillary did not publish a comprehensive medical report, her private doctor in the letter declared Hillary's "physical condition enough to serve as president of the United States." However, this letter was written more than a year ago. The United States online media has been circulating in recent stages on the health of Hillary reports. US "Huffington Post" website a blog article has quoted some sources and experts, saying that Hillary has been suffering from Parkinson's disease. But then the blog was deleted. "WikiLeaks" founder A Sangqi recently revealed about Hillary's suffering from Parkinson's disease and medication e-mail. A media website called "American Mirror" also details the past year, Hillary Clinton in a public time coughing time. The report said that on January 25, 2016, February 16, April 4, May 5, June 4, August 31 and September 5, Hillary in public occasions have been crazy cough more than The This situation is clearly not as his team claims only because "allergy" in the spring and autumn season attack twice. The report also quoted experts as saying that this type of mad cough is usually associated with Parkinson's disease. For these reports, the New York Times columnist Brooke said that these are just a manifestation of the "negative election" of the US election, mutual expose, and no real serious issues. [Reporter Zhang Penghui Aoki Tuo short house Chen Yi Liu straight]

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