College students to buy second-hand luxury cars and can not afford to make small open into the reservoir fraud

And Ming told the insurance company to tell the situation is a friend to open the car
Bought second-hand luxury car fuel consumption is too high can not afford to turn to sell and no one to receive. College students Ming a move for this crooked mind, he let the small Su a car to the reservoir, as long as cheating success, not only the money to buy a car back, and he can make a small fortune. However, the current Ming and his associates have been suspected of insurance fraud was criminal detention. Correspondent Qin Gongxuan Huang Zhonghui Modern Express / ZAKER Nanjing reporter Tao Weizhou only 6 days on the insurance accident? October 13, Nanjing Confucius Temple police station received an insurance company within the jurisdiction of the police, said suspected someone cheating. The company official told the police, they deal with a traffic accident found that the report of the car less than a year ago had a major traffic accident, a large amount of claims, this time again, the amount of claims is not small. Moreover, the accident from the insurance on the 6 days. Police investigation found that the reporter made a car in Xuyi out of a traffic accident, from the scene back to the photo point of view, Ming a car into the water more than one meter of the reservoir, and then hit the reservoir stones Body damage, car staff and no injuries. How could the car go to the reservoir? The driver did not know the owner of the police carefully looked at the insurance company to provide the material, but also found that the driver is not a driver when the Ming, but Xuyi men Zhang. After a visit, Zhang home of the people told the police, Zhang has been living in Xuyi home, friends around is not a lot. The police immediately took out a photo asked the neighborhood, but the answer is not seen Ming appeared in the local. And Ming told the insurance company to tell the situation is a friend to open the car, why friends who do not know a friend around it? Police quickly found Zhang, he told the police, he did not know Ming, the accident occurred that day, he suddenly received a friend Sumou's call. Sumou told him not careful to drive into the reservoir, because there is no driver's license, so let him in the past to help the top package to facilitate the back of the alarm claims. The owner of a Ming and the driver and the middle of a Sumou, but also driving without a car into the reservoir, which certainly have a problem in the middle. Police immediately let the insurance company informed Ming to the insurance company signed to confirm the claim information, then, the police will come to sign the Ming a captured. At the same time, Ming's friends Sumou was also captured by the police. High fuel consumption can not afford to find ways to cheat in the police station, Ming and Sumou quickly confessed to the deceive after. It turned out that this luxury car because of an accident, so a very cheap second-hand price to the Ming a hand. But Ming opened for some time to find that the car's fuel consumption is too high, as a college student he simply can not afford, and this car is not good shot, so think of the idea of ​​cheating. Ming a find their own hair Sumou, and its discussion after the car to Xuyi, by Sumou car into the reservoir. Afterwards, Ming know Su no driver's license, anxious to let Sumou find a third person to the top package. At present, the three were suspected of insurance fraud has been criminal detention Qinhuai police, the case is still under investigation.

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