Food Safety Law Implementation Regulations Comments Experts: Building civil supervision mechanism

The State Food and Drug Administration has drafted the Regulations on the Implementation of the Food Safety Law (Revised Draft) (hereinafter referred to as the "

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Hunan Yanbei prison prisoners gathered in gambling two police officers were arrested

An article entitled "Hunan Yanbei prison two prison area was burst prisoners gathered gambling

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Wuhan 4 deputy departmental cadres to be nominated as Hubei 4 Vice Mayor candidates

Wuhan City Jiang'an District Deputy Secretary, Politics and Law Committee Secretary Tang Chao (1974.10) and Jiangan District Standing Committee, deputy mayor Wu Zhiling (1972.10) to be nominated as vice mayor of Yichang and Huangshi City vice mayor candidates

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Xiamen original vice mayor was arrested so that female colleagues can not wear too fancy

Since September 2011, he has been a member of the Standing Committee of Xiamen Municipal Committee, Secretary of Party Working Committee of Xiamen Haicang Taiwan Investment Zone, Secretary of Party Working Committee of Haicang Bonded Port Area, Secretary of Haicang District Party Committee

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Rudd points like China Infrastructure: WI-FI better than New York Manhattan

China is now more active in domestic and regional infrastructure

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Lanzhou: for the pollution by bus free city finance subsidy of 4 million yuan a day

Lanzhou City, there are four major heating problems

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Foreign exchange bureau: the so-called "China capital outflow" no data support

Declining the Chinese economy, asserting that capital outflows are not supported by data

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State Administration of Foreign Exchange: February trade deficit of 76.7 billion yuan

China's international balance of payments of international trade in goods and services trade 388.9 billion US dollars

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Hebei a number of units of party and government "leader" take the lead by the Commission for Discipline Inspection exposure

Due to illegal borrowing business vehicles, illegal payment of gifts, the private dinner costs in violation of the unit reimbursement, bus and other issues subject to punishment

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The man was financially fought for his wife was more than 2,000 million debt

Judgment husband Liu's debt by the other and their own real estate companies to bear the responsibility

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Commission for Discipline Inspection and then to expose the "disease" state - owned enterprise reform to be problem - oriented

Relying solely on special inspection can not fundamentally solve the problem of corruption in state-owned enterprises

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Six foreign criminal suspects fled from Indonesia to return home

Six foreign criminal suspects fled from Indonesia to return home

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Beijing: the establishment of a city to pursue fled the case case

Action to strengthen the international pursuit of stolen goods

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Peking University wizards remember: one year to sell 1 billion!

Domestic enterprises on the scale of the cost of pig farming is 6.8 yuan per catty

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: China will further increase the pace of foreign pursuit of stolen goods

China attaches great importance to pursuing international cooperation in the pursuit of stolen goods

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